Hamid Momtahan’s Balance Exercises

These videos, which Hamid has put on YouTube, can also be found on his website.

I’m including them here, with permission, so that you can view them and remain on this site.

His introduction to the exercises:

Dynamic Balance Improvement – Walking on a Frozen Lake Series
Mindfulness – Balancing and Counter Balancing

Please consult your doctor before embarking upon any of these exercises. Do NOT attempt these exercises on your own if you suffer from any degree of “Dizziness”.

These “Exercises and Walks” were originally put together for my mature students who either had a fall or facing balance problems, in order to assist them to gain their confidence back by resuming a gentle walk in a controlled environment and under supervision.

The emphasis of these exercises is in the coordination of hands and feet and the body unifying as it moves.  Learning to move the body as one unit.

Balance and the ability to remain upright depends upon a number of factors.
1.  The eyes to see your position in space.
2.  The inner ear (your balance organ) to sense rotational movement as well as acceleration and deceleration.
3.  Pressure sensors in your ankles, leg and neck muscles sense gravity and your joint position.
4.  To be mindful in every step you are taking.

To start you may want to choose any of the walks on “Walking on a Frozen Lake” series to practice ONLY under supervision.  Numbers are used for classification only and are not an indication of any degree of hardness of the exercise.

Exercise 1 – Heels & Toes, Sole of Foot, Walking on a Frozen Lake Series


Exercise 2 – Stretch Sole of Feet, Walking on a Frozen Lake Series


Exercise 3 – Heel & Toes, Walking on a Frozen Lake Series

Exercise 4 – Balance and Counter Balance:


Exercise 5 – Shake to Relax & Open up all Joints:


Exercise 6 – Heel & Toes, Sole of the Foot Exercise:


Exercise 7 – Constant Bear, Heels & Toes Exercise:


Exercise 8 – Drawing Horizontal Figure of 8 Led by Thumb:


Exercise 9 – Drawing Figure of 8 with Foot:


Exercise 10 – Drawing Large Vertical Figure of 8, One Hand:


Exercise 11 – Step, Turn and Hug, Walking on a Lake Series:


Exercise 12 – Drawing large Vertical Figure of 8, Both Hands: