Zoom and YouTube

Hamid and I have been streaming both Qigong and Form Practice sessions on Zoom for a while now, for the benefit of our existing students, family and friends. If you have attended Taichi or Qigong classes with either of us in the past and wish to attend a Zoom session (and aren’t already doing so), … More Zoom and YouTube

Teaching Pause

Following Government recommendations, and common sense, I shall be discontinuing all teaching activities during the COVID-19 crisis. I urge all my students to keep up their practice – perhaps with the help of the videos Hamid and I have made available. I’ll be available electronically for anyone who wants to get in touch.

New Qigong Video

I’ve just added a link to a video you may like. An old friend and tai chi colleague, now living and teaching in Newcastle, has been studying with Master Joe Lok for some time. In the video she is performing his Open Door Five Qigong, a version of which I am also introducing into my … More New Qigong Video

Revised Class Details

Two bits of news: We’ve revised the target age for participants in the tai chi classes, and are now inviting folks from the age of 50. If you are younger, do please get in touch. I’m always happy to see if I can find appropriate classes for you. That’s number 1. Secondly, due to the … More Revised Class Details

Summer Taichi and Tea

If you can possibly make it, please join Hamid and Henry for a bit of Taichi in Westow Park,followed byafternoon tea & cake in Hamid’s house Open to South London Taichi and Taichi Clapham students only. When? Saturday 24 August 2019 (weather permitting). Meeting at 13.00 at the Church Rd entrance to park. Where? Westow … More Summer Taichi and Tea