Recentre Holiday Dates

There will be no tai chi classes on 27 December 2017 or 3 January 2018. The first class of the New Year will be on 10 January. A VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON TO ALL, AND BEST WISHES FOR 2018

Shibashi Set No. 2

I’ve been introducing the second set of Shibashi exercises.  Master Wing Cheung has kindly permitted his written description of the exercises to be shared freely with ‘those in need and those you love.’  Here’s the link.

The Thirteen Postures

I’ve been thinking about the terminology around the ’13’ things in tai chi, variously called ‘postures,’ ‘energies,’ ‘principles,’ ‘gates,’ ‘stances,’ ‘movements,’ ‘techniques,’ ‘kinetic movements,’ ‘tactics,’ ‘powers,’ …   Sometimes, in the literature, they mean the same thing, and sometimes different things.

Mindful Mediation

The Sunday Times this weekend profiled, a mindfulness / mediation app from what seems to be a fast-growing company.  I quite like some of the meditation / relaxation exercises I’ve used over the years – generally progressive relaxation exercises.