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Chi Kung Exercises and Tai Chi Form

Warm up Exercises

Tai Chi practice – Points To Keep In Mind – from Glynn


Description of the Tai Chi Form – my own description of the form I learned from Glyn.  This is pretty true to Cheng Man-Ching’s simplified version of the Yang style tai chi form.

Names of  the  37 Postures and the Sequence of Postures

Description of Hamid’s (Dr Chi’s) tai chi form – from The Tai Chi Centre – Note that In Dr Chi’s version of the Cheng Man-Ching’s form the postures ‘Turn and Kick with Heel (L)’ and ‘Brush Left Knee and Push’ have been substituted with ‘Brush Left Knee and Push’, ‘Needles at Sea Bottom’, ‘Iron Fan Penetrates Back’, ‘Turn Body, Chop and Push’, ‘Step Forward, Deflect Downwards, Intercept and Punch’ and ‘Kick with Heel (R)’

Tai Chi – ChiKung form – the first few postures and movements of the
Tai chi form, repeated facing different directions.

Movement and postures list for the Tai Chi – Chi Kung form


Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin) Chi Kung exercises

Shibashi Chi Kung exercises – Set No. 1

Set No. 2


Preliminary / Additional Exercises

Correct breathing and good core muscle stability are important adjuncts to good tai chi practice.   Here are Leon Chaitow’s breathing tests and exercises and “dead bug” exercises
Some exercises to test and develop core stability are given here.