General Links

There are now hundreds of links to written material and videos relating to tai chi and chi kung available online, and I recommend doing your own hunting around.  Here I list a few which I think fit in well with my teaching at reCentre-Health.

Here is a video of Dr Chi Chiang Tao performing the short form, pretty much as Hamid does – although, remember that everyone’s tai chi is his or her own.

Each year more and more historical videos, usually very poor visual quality, of Cheng Man-Ching.  Here is a site with a little compilation of links to YouTube videos.

Hamid Momtahan’s website South London Taichi:  lots and lots of information and further links to many interesting and instructional videos.

Glyn Williams has posted a number of instructional videos here.

This video shows a simplified version of the form, in a more ‘theatrical’ style, but still maintaining the basic principles of Yang style tai chi.  I call it the Pink Lady Form.


I will be adding more links; for now this page is more or less a place-holder.

Do let me know when any of the links dies.