More About the WhatsApp Group and Videos

The WhatsApp group I’ve previously mentions is now a joint effort between myself and Hamid, and so is the South London T’ai Chi and Taichi Clapham WhatsApp Group.

It has tips, videos, audio, links, news, musings and fun things about T’ai Chi.

If you have access to WhatsApp, and are interested, please email contact either me or Hamid, and we’ll arrange an invitation. We’ll need your name and mobile number. You can:

  • Speak to one of us
  • Use the Contact Form
  • Text: South London T’ai Chi on 07932 671 258
  • Text: Taichi Clapham on 07785 771 717

If you do not have access to WhatsApp, you can still watch the videos, as we now have a website just for them. Videos will be available there as they are posted to the WhatsApp group – for South London Taichi and Taichi Clapham students ONLY. These videos will be complementing your learning and are meant as a reference in your practice.

Just get in touch with either of us with your choice of user name – keep it simple, perhaps your first name and the first letter of your surname. For example, mine is henryg. I will then create a login account for you.

The site address is . You will be asked to log in with your user name and the password that Hamid or I will give you.