Tai Chi Clapham

Tai Chi and Chi Kung lessons in and around Clapham

Tai Chi Lessons in and around Clapham

Welcome to the site

Hello. I’m Henry Goldstein, and I teach tai chi and chi kung in and around Clapham. This site is meant to be a simple introduction to me and my teaching – first the regular classes, and then a bit about me. There’s also a bit of reference information here – see the links.

NEWS    Our students are invited to sign up for access to the WhatsApp Group and the video website.  Check the blog for the latest on the videos I have been making with, Hamid Momtahan.

Group classes

The class focuses on tai chi (and chi kung) for health and wellbeing.  Our by-words are balance, flexibility, relaxation, body-awareness and fun.  Other terms that might apply are mindfulness, meditation – well, I don’t want to give it all away here.

Group classes at reCentre-Health, Balham on Mondays from 12.30 to 1.30 pm

Just to point out that this is not a martial arts class (although we do look at the origin of tai chi as martial arts training).  In two-person work, we learn about our own, and a partner’s response to the gentle application of force – in particular, the value of yielding.

As the class is open to people of all ages and levels of interest and experience, classes are adapted to the group attending on the day.  That said, I do endeavour to provide a progressive ‘take home’ for those who want to (and I hope you do) practice at home and develop your skill in and understanding of what tai chi has to offer.

For more information about ReCentre-Health, bookings and directions, check their website.

If you are interested in these classes, but want to have a chat about their suitability for you, or other tai chi related matters, do get in touch, using the contact form, and I’ll phone you back.

Group classes at Thurleigh Road Practice, Clapham South on alternate Thursdays from 10.30 to 11.30 am

Upcoming dates:
20 February
5 March
19 March
2 April
16 April
30 April
14 May
28 May

Change of Schedule for Classes
Due to the practice’s need for the studio room for other activities, two of our future sessions are moving to Wednesdays at 1.30 pm. Here they are:
10 June
24 June

The class is for patients of the practice over the age of 50 and complements other wellness / fitness classes held there.  We use tai chi and qigong (chi kung)  principles and exercises to promote balance, flexibility and mobility.  Many of the exercises may also be performed while seated.  Each session is adapted to the people who come.

There is a charge of £8 per session.

For more information, please contact me.

Small group at Rodenhurst Road, Clapham on Wednesdays from noon to 13.00

Contact me directly for information.